FULL Electric Vehicle Covered Components and Component Groups

Coverage is applied at the time of claim based on the odometer reading at the time of breakdown.

* see contract for details
** additional fee required.

Electric Motor/Generator X X X
Inverter/Converter/Transformer units X X X
Inverter/Converter/Transformer unit cover X X X
All internal components of the above X X X
Power split device X X X
Reduction/reducer box X X X
Main Battery cable X X x
Electric Alternating current compressor X X X
CVT/ Transaxle
Drive Chain X X X
Drive Chain Gears X X X
carrier bearings X X X
internal transaxle seal X X X
CVT Case if damaged by covered component X
Differential Assembly (front and Rear)
IDifferential housing X X
Axle shaft X
Ring and pinion X X
Bearing (internal) X X
Bushing X X
Washers X X
Differential cover X X
CV Joints (is seals are not torn) X X
Internal parts of steering box X X
internal parts of pump housing X
Rack and pinion X
Control valves X
Internal oil control seals X
Bearings and shaft X
Steering box* X
Pump housing * X
Seals and Gaskets
Covered in conjunction with covered components * X X
High Tech Electrical
Alternator/generator X X
Front and rear wiper motor X X
Cooling fan motor X X
Voltage regulator X X
IWiring hareness X X
Power windows switches X X
door lock switches X
Cruise control module X
Power window motors
Power seat motors X X
Power mirror motors X X
Power door lock acuator X X
Power door switch X
Power sunroof motor X X
Mileage computer X
Electronic instrument cluster X
Automatic climate control X
Electronic control module X X
Headlight switch X X
Convertible top motor
Clock X X
Electric horn X X
Air Conditioning
Condenser X X
Compressor X X
Compressor clutch and pulley X X
Ideler pulley and Ideler pulley bearing X X
High low compressor cut off switch X X
Expansion valve X X
Pressure cycling switch X
Suspension (front and rear)
Control arms X X
Control arm shafts X X
Stabilizer bar X X
Stabilizer link X X
Stabilizer bushing X X
Spindle X X
Torsion bars X X
Height sensor X X
Cooling System
Water pump X X
Mixture control valve X X
Coolant reservoir X X
Brake System
Master cylinder X X
Wheel cylinder X X
Disc brake calipers X X
ABS master cylinder X X
Vacuum booster X X
Hydraulic lines and fittings X X
Pressure modulator valve X X
Isolation dump valve X
Accumulator X
Wheel speed sensors X
Power steering fluid * X X X
Antifreeze * X X
Transmission fluid * X
Advanced Electric Vehicle Components
ECU and ECM power switch/button X X
Controller/electronic throttle control system X X
Onboard battery charging system X X
Bettery charge controller X X
Motor/generator belt tensioner X X
Drive motor dampener X X
Voltage inverter reservoir X X
Three phase high voltage cables X
Hydraulic or electric regenerative braking system X
Optional Battery Coverage
Reapir or Replacement of Lithium-ion battery ** X X