Gas and Gas Hybrid Vehicle Covered Components and Component Groups

Coverage is applied at the time of claim based on the odometer reading at the time of breakdown.

* see contract for details

ENGINE PLATINUM 0 - 100,000 MILES GOLD 100,001 - 150,000 MILES SILVER 150,001 and above
Engine block X X X
Cylinder Heads X X X
Pistons X X X
Piston Pins X X X
Piston Rings X X X
Crankshaft X X X
Distributor X X
Connecting Rods X X X
Rod bearings X X X
Camshaft X X X
Camshaft Bearings X X X
Lifters X X X
Oil Pump X X X
Rocker Arms X X X
Push Rods X X X
Timing Belt * X X
Timing Chain X X X
Timing Gears X X X
Engine Valves X X X
Vacuum Pump X X
Water pump X X X
Vanos Units X
Mass Air Flow Sensor X
Throttle Position Sensor X
Knock Sensor X
Fluids * X X
Seals & Gaskets * X X
Transmission Case X X X
Planetaries X X X
Torque Converter X X X
Bearings X X X
Internal Lubricated Parts X X X
Shift Solenoids X
Shifter Assembly X
Seals and Gaskets X X
Fluids * X X
Internal Lubricated Parts X X X
Encoder Motor X
Seals & Gaskets X X
Internal Parts X X
Waste Gate Valve X
Housing X X
CV Shafts X X
Axle Shafts X X
Ring & Pinion X X
Internal Parts X X
Differential Cover X X
U Joints X
Carrier Bearing X
Driveshaft X
Fluid * X X
Power Steering Pump X X
Rack & Pinion X X
Steering Box X X
Steering Shafts X
Internal Lubricated Parts X X
Pitman Arm X
Drag Link X
Tie Rod Ends X
Fluid * X X
Alternator X X
Starter X X
Front , Rear Wiper Motors X X
Cooling Fan Motor X X
Voltage Regulator X X
Ignition Module X X
Ignition Switch X
Ignition Coil X X
Starter Solenoid X X
Wiring Harness X X
Power Window Switches X X
Cruise Control Module X X
Power Window Motors X X
Power Seat Motors X X
Power Mirror Motors X X
Door lock Actuator X X
Door Lock Switch X X
Power Sunroof Motor X X
Mileage Computer X X
Instrument Cluster X X
Automatic Climate Control X X
Electronic Control Module X X
Headlight Switch X X
Multifunction Switch X
Horn X X
Convertible Top Motor X X
Clock X X
Radio X
Compact Disc Player X
Amplifier X
Backup Sensor X
Condenser X X
Compressor X X
Clutch & Pulley X X
A/C Lines and Hoses X X
Idler Pulley X X
Cut Off Switches X X
Expansion Valve X X
Cycling Switch X X
Evaporator Core X
Evaporator Case X
Orfice Tube X
Blend Door Actuators X
Control Arms (Front & Rear) X X
Control Arm Shafts X X
Stabilizer Bar X X
Stabilizer Links & Bushings X X
Spindles X X
Torsion Bars X X
Height Sensor X X
Ball Joints X
Hub Bearings X
Water pump X X X
Thermostat X X
Thermostat Housing X
Mixture Control Valve X X
Radiator X
Overflow Resorvoir X X
Fan Clutch X
Coolant Sensor X
Fluids * X X
Fuel Pump X X
Pressure Regulator X X
Metering Valve X X
Fuel Injectors X X
Metal Fuel Lines X X
Fuel Tank X X
Fuel Sender X X
Pressure Sensor X
Injection Pump X
Master Cylinder X X
Wheel Cylinders X X
Brake Calipers X X
Vacuum Booster X X
Lines and Fittings X X
Modulator Valve X X
Isolation Dump Valve X X
Wheel Speed Sensors X X
Compensating Valve X
Hydraulic Control Unit X
ABS Computer Module X
Marathon GroupCoverage Gas