1. When can I enroll in healthCAR?

You may enroll in healthCAR during your open enrollment period or during any special enrollment period offered by your employer or benefits provider. You also qualify for enrollment in the event you replace a covered vehicle, buy a new vehicle, or other qualifying life event such as marriage. All vehicles you own may be protected, subject to vehicle guidelines.

2. Can I enroll multiple vehicles?

You may enroll any eligible vehicle you own. A separate contract will be issued for each vehicle.

3. What is an automobile extended service contract/policy?

An automobile extended service contract provides coverage for sudden and accidental mechanical breakdowns of your vehicle. These contracts provide coverage beyond the expiration of your manufacturer’s warranty on new, used and high mileage vehicles.

4. Is the healthCAR program insured?

Marathon Group’s healthCAR program is fully insured by an “A” rated (Excellent) insurance company by A.M. Best.

5. Can I cancel my healthCAR plan at any time?

You may cancel your healthCAR protection at any time by notifying the Administrator in writing, indicating the effective date of cancellation. Upon cancellation, you may be eligible for a refund equal to the pro-rated portion of your monthly fee. Your protection will be cancelled by the
Administrator if the appropriate fee is not paid each month. The cancelled vehicle is then not eligible for healthCAR until the next open enrollment period.

6. If I cancel my healthCAR coverage during the year can I rejoin prior to the next Enrollment period??

Unfortunately, you can only enroll in healthCAR during your annual benefit enrollment window or during any special enrollment offered by your employer or benefit provider. You may also qualify for enrollment in the event you replace the previously covered vehicle or other qualifying life event such as marriage. You can however, enroll additional vehicles that you acquire, within 30 days of purchase or lease during the year.

7. What if I experience a breakdown?

In the unfortunate event you experience a mechanical breakdown on a covered vehicle, you may take your vehicle to any licensed repair facility nationwide to diagnose the failure. If you need assistance, you may contact the Administrator for a list of preferred repair facilities near you. If your vehicle is not drivable, call our Roadside Assistance provider for a tow 24/7/365. You should immediately have the repair facility contact the Administrator to initiate a claim prior to repairing. Upon determining the cause of failure and the repairs necessary, the repair facility must obtain an authorization number from the Administrator to submit completed repairs for payment. In the event you are traveling to work and experience a breakdown, simply call our roadside assistance number and a tow truck will be dispatched to take your vehicle to one of our approved repair facilities or a facility of your choosing. Rideshare services and rental vehicles will be made available as necessary, to ensure you arrive to work.

8. How are claims paid under the healthCAR program?

Authorized claims are paid directly to the repair facility upon receipt of the completed repair order. Your responsibility is limited to your deductible ($100) for authorized claims.

9. What if I have a question regarding my coverage or a claim?

For all questions regarding your coverage and/or a claim, please call our Customer Service Center at 888-594-3236 and we will be happy to assist you.

10. What if my vehicle breaks down while I am on vacation away from home?

We have you covered wherever your travels take you within the continental US and Canada. Simply take your vehicle to the nearest licensed repair facility if drivable, or call our roadside assistance number for assistance and follow the claim procedures in your contract. We will have you up and running in no time.

11. Are there any ancillary benefits that comes with my extended service contract?

Yes, your healthCAR program includes roadside assistance benefits including:
• Towing
• Jump starts – due to a dead battery.
• Flat tire changes – using your inflated spare.
• Lockout Assistance – help you access your vehicle when you accidently lock your keys inside.
• Concierge Services – courtesy help and emergency phone call support to relatives, police, etc.

** Please note the roadside assistance benefits are extended to cover your driving age **
enrolled student regardless of the vehicle they are in, up to the stated limit per occurrence.

12. What if I already have an extended service contract?

We may be able to save you money. Please contact our enrollment specialists at 888-594-1543 to discuss your options. We can assist you in getting a refund by cancelling your existing coverage and enroll you in healthCAR at a substantial savings.

*** A complete detail of terms, conditions and benefits are included in the consumer contract, which will be provided upon enrollment. ***

Have Questions?

For any questions, coverage assistance, or customer service needs please call healthCAR customer service at 888-594-3236.

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